We are a team of physical scientists using theoretical and computational tools of statistical mechanics to discover and understand collective behaviors of diverse molecular systems.

We welcome and value people of all backgrounds and identities, including: ethnicity, race, nationality, gender identity, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, religion, and culture.

We believe firmly that Black lives matter.

We strive to recognize and address our implicit biases, both by individual self-reflection and collectively through regular reading groups and discussions.

Principal Investigator

Phillip Geissler


Professor, Department of Chemistry

207 Gilman

geissler at berkeley.edu

phone: (510) 642-8716

Leslie Dietterick

Assistant to Professor Geissler

208 Gilman

ldietterick at berkeley.edu

phone: (510) 643-7719


Jaffar Hasnain

Nanoscale materials, biophysics, and aqueous solutions

319A Gilman

jhasnain at berkeley.edu

Georg Menzl

Biophysics and aqueous solutions

321D Gilman

gmenzl at lbl.gov

Ahmad Omar

Nanoscale materials

aomar at berkeley.edu

Graduate Students

Lucie Liu

Aqueous solutions

321D Gilman

4th year

lucie_liu at berkeley.edu

Nathan Odendahl

Aqueous solutions

321B Gilman

5th year

nathan_odendahl at berkeley.edu

Julia Rogers


321B Gilman

5th year

julia.rogers at berkeley.edu

Paul Wrona

Nanoscale materials

321A Gilman

4th year

pwrona2 at berkeley.edu


Ty Perez

Aqueous solutions

tyjperez at berkeley.edu

Undergraduate student

Gustavo Espinoza


gus40-90esp at berkeley.edu

Former trainees

Namecurrent positionemail
Layne FrechettePostdoctoral fellow at NIHlayne.frechette at nit.gov
Andreana RosnikSoftware engineer at Enel Xamrosnik at berkeley.edu
Pratima SatishData science consultant at GYANTpratimasatish at berkeley.edu
Katie KlymkoPostdoctoral fellow at LBNLkklymko at lbl.gov
Rian KormosResearcher at D. E. Shawrian.kormos at berkeley.edu
Easun ArunachalamGraduate student at Harvard Universityarunachalam at fas.harvard.edu
John HaberstrohData scientist at Roofstockjhaberstroh at berkeley.edu
Dayton ThorpeData scientist at Valor Equity Partnersdayton at berkeley.edu
Grant RotskoffPostdoctoral fellow at Courant Instituterotskoff at cims.nyu.edu
Stephen CoxVisiting research scholar at University of Cambridgesjc236 at cam.ac.uk
Yizhi ShenGraduate student at MITyizhis at mit.edu
Ramin KhajehGraduate student at Columbia Universityrk2899 at columbia.edu
Nadine SchwierzResearch group leader at Max Planck Institute of Biophysicsnadine.schwierz at biophys.mpg.de
Eoin O LaighleisPostdoctoral fellow at University of EdinburghE.O-Laighleis at ed.ac.uk
Todd GingrichAssistant professor at Northwestern Universitytodd.gingrich at northwestern.edu
Suri VaikuntanathanAssistant professor at University of Chicagosvaikunt at chicago.edu
Evan Wangevan.wang at berkeley.edu
Laura ArmstrongGraduate student at UC Berkeleyarmstronglaura at berkeley.edu
Julian Weichselweichsel at berkeley.edu
Patrick ShafferComputational scientist at Anzu Partnerspatrick.shaffer at berkeley.edu
Anna SchneiderData science manager at Stitch Fix
aschn at berkeley.edu
aschn at berkeley.edu
Chris Ryancjryan at berkeley.edu
Michael GrunwaldAssistant professor at University of Utah michael.gruenwald at utah.edu
Carl Rogerscarlrogers at berkeley.edu
Evan HohlfeldVice President at Global Atlantic Financial Grouphohlfeld at berkeley.edu
Sean CrayGraduate student at UC Santa Barbarascray at chem.ucsb.edu
Joseph Harderjoseph.w.harder at gmail.com
Sucheol ShinPostdoctoral fellow at UT Austin
sucheol at mit.edu
Brian GinAssistant professor at UC San Franciscobrian.gin at ucsf.edu
Asaph Widmer-CooperResearcher at University of Sydneyasaph.widmer-cooper at sydney.edu.au
Sander PronkDeveloper at Oxford Asset Managementpronk at cbr.su.se
Steve WhitelamStaff scientist at LBNLSWhitelam at lbl.gov
Andrea PasquaData science manager at Uberandreapasqua at att.net
David SivakAssistant professor at Simon Fraser Universitydsivak at sfu.ca
David Molerdbmoler at gmail.com
Wei Zhangmissweizhang at gmail.com
Joyce Noah-VanhouckeCo-founder and CTO at SimplyCredit
Brad ComptonScience fiction writer & flavor chemistbcompt at berkeley.edu
JiYeon KuResearch scientist at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technologyjiyeon.ku at gmail.com
Lutz MaibaumAssistant professor at University of Washingtonmaibaum at chem.washington.edu
Will BrowneSenior engineering manager at Quantcast
wkbrowne at berkeley.edu
wkbrowne at berkeley.edu
Kateri DubayAssistant professor at University of Virginiadubay at virginia.edu